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Week 4 23.01.17

This week has been a really exciting week in B2!


We started off the week in English acting out the end of Beegu's story where she finally meets her family again. It was great to see the children really getting into character, which was helped by the fact that our uniforms are the correct colour to act as Beegu and her alien family! We used this role play to practise using speech marks to show dialogue between characters. We then drew a map to show Beegu the way home from Earth to her own planet. This helped us think of command verbs to use in order to give directions and we eventually wrote (and edited!) our own instructions to help Beegu find her way home. We will be continuing our work on directions next week when we write our own instructions in our Science books on how to make paper!


In Maths, we have been working on securing division. We used our English story in Maths to help Beegu share out leaves between her alien friends, leaves which she'd brought back as a souvenir of her time on planet Earth. We have come up with our own speaking frame to explain what division is, starting with a complete set which is shared equally between groups to tell us how many there are in each group. As we all know, practice makes perfect and we have really secured a much clearer understanding of what division actually means!


The children also enjoyed a PE lesson during which they learned all about ways to 'travel with control' in gymnastics. We are still working on monkey and caterpillar walks at the moment but have made good progress in thinking of different ways of moving our bodies.


The week ended with a fantastic trip to Frogmore Paper Mill. Our visit included a tour of the paper mill, a paper making session and a workshop to view fibres under the microscope. The children were great scientists throughout the day asking lots of great questions and showing a real enthusiasm for working with different materials. Among other things, we found out that paper could be made out of elephant poo, that wasps make their own paper and that the natural fibres in cotton are quite curly! It was exciting to see how fibres could hook onto each other to create a piece of paper from the 'crumble' created by previously used pieces of paper. We plan to get a paper making kit after O2's trip next week to make our own paper and set up our business selling them! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the parent volunteers who helped during this trip and to say how proud I was of the children's enthusiasm throughout the day.