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Week 4: 13th May 2019

So this week was a fairly quiet week. The children have been busy learning and nothing too exciting has happened. OH!...........but what are these creatures yellow and hairy. With two tiny wings they're fluffy and noisy. They have two small legs and a very sharp feet. Oh no, oh help- it's the chicks. 

Although Miss Tarrant and I have been super excited about the chicks arriving, we have managed to keep it a secret. On Monday we were pleased that we could finally share the secret and the chicks arrived just in time for our afternoon session. We carefully unpacked the eggs and counted 12! Oh dear the company should come and learn from us. We were only supposed to get 10. Lucky us! 


The children thought what could be in the eggs, crocodiles? birds? a DINOSAUR! We revealed that we would be getting lots of chicks. We discussed how we could make sure the eggs were kept safe while we waited for them to hatch. The children busily went off and wrote lots of signs for the incubator so everyone knew to keep them safe. 


Tuesday was a long day watching and waiting for a sign that they may hatch. Nothing!


Wednesday morning Miss Tarrant and I rushed into work and were so excited to see a tiny crack in one of the eggs. It then moved! Luckily some early children arrived just in time to see a chick emerge from the egg. What a special moment! Minutes later another chick appeared. Then another. Then another. By the end of the day, four chicks had arrived. Overnight SIX chicks arrived into the world. 


The children were inspired by Watford doing so well in the FA cup and lots of the chicks ended up with football related names, Deeney, Mascot, Foster, Harry and Watford are some of the firm favourites. 


The chicks are in their new home and all the children have had the opportunity to stroke them and observe them very closely. On Monday once the chicks have gotten a little bigger the children will be able to hold the chicks.


It has been lovely to see that the chicks have been a treat for lots of children and families in our school community. We welcome them to come in and see but I do ask that you wait until most of the children have been safely dismissed to their adult so school staff can ensure everyone's safety. 


On Friday was a football celebration. It was lovely to see so many children supporting Watford shirts. (Mrs Forty did get a few frowns with her chosen shirt). We started the day with football themed colouring. Forgive my drawing of the Watford emblem. An initial loss of internet prevented me from getting a better one. We then had a penalty shoot-out. The children were split into two teams and each child took a penalty against Mrs Forty and then Miss Leach. It was tough but the teams finished with a score of 5-5. if anyone has any contacts with Watford FC my amazing goalkeeper skills are available if Gomes or Foster are unable to attend tomorrows match. For anyone lucky enough to attend the match tomorrow - enjoy! Cheer loudly on behalf of us all. For those going to Cassiobury park - I might see you there! 


We were lucky enough to have a visit from Mr Harrington our local MP. He spoke a lot about his role in the local community and Parliament and answered lots of questions from the children - I think we have some children destined for politics within the school. 

Have a lovely weekend. The chicks are going on holiday to Miss Klos' house so we hope they have a safe journey from and back to school. 


Miss Leach and Mrs Forty