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Week 4: 13th May 2019

What an exciting week we have had in Reception this week. On Monday we received a delivery of 12 eggs in an incubator. We thought it would be a good idea to make signs to remind people not to touch the eggs and to be careful around them. We looked at fact books about chicks to learn about them.


On Wednesday morning, just as the children were arriving at school, the first chick hatched out of its egg. As the day went on three more chicks hatched out. The next morning when we arrived at school we found six more chicks had hatched out in the incubator! As they grew stronger we were able to move them from the incubator into a larger box. We now have 10 healthy chicks in Reception which we will have to look after carefully until next Friday.


We have based most of our learning around the chicks this week. We took pictures of the eggs and chicks at various stages and wrote sentences about what we could see. We also painted and drew pictures of chicks.


This week we also learned about 3D shapes and their properties. We looked at cubes, cuboids, cones, spheres and cylinders. We learned that each of these shapes have edges and faces and most have vertices. This weekend we have put a home learning challenge into your child’s bookbag. We would like all children to go on a 3D shape hunt in the environment and make a note of what they find. Please fill in the template provided and return it at the beginning of next week.


On Friday we had a football day at school. Many of the children came to school dressed in Watford jerseys or their favourite football kits. We decorated football jerseys, coloured in the Watford crest and took penalties in the goalposts outside. We are all very excited about the match tomorrow and we will all be hoping that Watford win!


Have a lovely weekend Toucan Class and enjoy the football tomorrow!!