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Week 4 - 08.05.17

This has been the first full week of the term and B2 have certainly made the most of it! In English this week, we started a new book called Zeraffa Giraffa which tells the true story of a giraffe which is taken all the way from Egypt to France as a gift to the King. We thought carefully about the journey the giraffe would have to complete, tracing this on a map of the world to plan the route they might take. We then observed a Sudanese landscape and used some fantastic expanded noun phrases to describe it. A hot-seating session with the giraffe and the Pacha of Egypt helped us understand their points of view and the different arguments for and against sending the giraffe to Paris. We then had a fantastic debate about whether or not poor Zeraffa should be made to embark on this journey to France. It was great to see how well-mannered our debate was and I'm sure the House of Commons could take a few tips from B2! We used all of these arguments to write a persuasive letter to the Pacha of Egypt to convince him not to send Zeraffa to France. Though our letters were indeed very persuasive, I'm afraid the Pacha of Egypt might send Zeraffa off regardless. How cruel he is! We look forward to finding out what happens next in the story...


In Maths this week, we started off comparing the heights of different giraffes using subtraction to find the difference. We then applied this to analyse a range of bar graphs to reinforce the concept of difference between two amounts. Later in the week, we turned our attention to 2D shapes, reminding ourselves of the vocabulary we needed to identify and describe different shapes, which our strangely spotted giraffes were sporting. We tried to find the lines of symmetry in each of the shapes and even identified which of the shapes were regular and which were irregular. We have agreed once and for all that a square, when rotated, is still a square. What a relief! 3D shapes were an excellent opportunity for us to get out the feely bag and describe shapes using accurate vocabulary of vertices, edges and faces. We then matched up the shape, its description and its representation, using our actual shapes to confirm what we had visualised in our heads. I have been set some tricky challenges by some children in the class to guess their shape from a set of clues so I look forward to working it out before Monday!


In Science this week, we asked ourselves the important question: how do we know we are alive? We confirmed that a living thing will move, breathe, respond to its environment and need energy from food. Our previous work on plants helped us to determine that plants were indeed a living thing. We then went on a hunt outside for things that are living, were living but are no longer, or non-living. We were surprised to find so many examples of these outside and we look forward to applying our knowledge to spot living, no longer living and non-living things in a Sudanese landscape where Zeraffa comes from. We also discussed the interesting question of whether a cloud is a living thing and decided that rain was not a way for the cloud to get rid of waste (!) and that a cloud was not a living thing. While checking to see whether the cloud was indeed alive, we had a good laugh imagining how it would be able to breathe, move, feed itself and get rid of waste!


In Art, we created some beautiful African landscapes using pastels and stencilling. We discovered how important it is to keep a stencil still and worked with partners to help each other. We practised our skill of blending and reminded ourselves of how we could use pastels effectively. As we removed our stencils, it was really exciting to see the shapes of different animals appear in the middle of our African landscape at sunset. These lovely pieces of art will be on display in our classroom and the hall so do look out for examples of our work in the coming weeks!