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Week 3 and 4: 30th April and 7th May 2018

Star of the Day


Week 3




Everyone! (for being superstars during our seaside workshop)


Week 4





Our focus for the last two weeks has been money. We have been learning to name, recognise and describe the coins and notes and understand their value. We have been ordering the coins and adding small amounts together. We investigated to find out how many ways we can make different amounts.



We read a book called Billy's Bucket. We made predictions about what might happen in the story and then wrote about what Billy found in his bucket. We thought about what we might find if we had our own special bucket. 



We learnt about what is was like to go to the seaside in the past. We found out about how they travelled, what they wore and what people did for fun. This helped us to really make the most of our Seaside workshop. Sue from History off the Page came to spend last Friday with us. She was so impressed with our knowledge but still managed to teach us even more things too. The morning was made up of arts and crafts, making our own gifts from the seaside, games to play and investigating old money. In the afternoon we got to go to the pier and spend our pennies on the different stalls. We played games like roll a penny, had our fortune told, ate fish and chips and watched a Punch and Judy show. It was a great day!



We made turned ourselves in to a stamp, sketching our own profile and then colouring it in to look like a real stamp.

We also used pastels to draw what Billy found in the bottom of his bucket. 

Unfortunately, we were having so much fun that we forgot to take any photos. Sorry!


Today has been a very busy day! We made bunting and decorations for the wedding celebrations this morning before having our very own garden party to celebrate. Jo made some yummy sandwiches and cakes for us as a treat. And of course there was plenty of fruit and veg too!! Then this afternoon was finished off by a visiting theatre company who put on a performance of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. We loved every minute of it!!


Sadly today is our last day with Miss Kerai and so the children made her some lovely cards to send her away with. We thank her for all her help over the last few weeks and wish her luck in the rest of her training!


Have a lovely weekend everybody!