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Week 3 and 4: 20th and 27th January 2020

Star of the Day


Week 3

Andreea, Ava, Elissa, Jay, Jake and Alfie


Week 4

Kashvini, Shay, Nancy, Emily and Amelie


Well done to all of you!

Our Geography learning took us on to national parks and game reserves in Africa. We looked at the difference between the two and why they are so important to the whole continent and it's animals and habitats. We spoke about migration and looked at some endangered species, thinking about why this is happening to so many animals. We made maps of a game reserve, using our knowledge of keys and used compass directions to explain where we had put things on our maps. 


We then moved on to research different African animals. We used the skill of reading and the strategies of thinking about and discussing what we had read. We then made notes to help us remember these new facts. We then turned these notes in to fantastic fact sheets about the different animals that we were interested in. We are going to make them in to a class fact book for our book corner. 


We continued looking at the story of Zeraffa Giraffa and had a go at retelling the story. We re wrote the beginning and middle part of the story and then took time to edit and up level our own story writing. We also read each others, giving each other lots of praise and also some pointers on how each other could improve their story writing next time. 


Our focus in Maths has been fractions - of both an amount and of a shape. We have been looking at 1/2, 1/4 and 1/3 and how this links to our learning on division. Next we started to practise finding 2/3, 2/4 and 3/4 of shapes and amounts. We look at pictures, thinking about how much of an amount or shape has been coloured in and how much is left, trying to use the correct name for the fractions. Then we started to look at equivalent fractions and how 1/2 and 2/4 of a shape or an amount is the same. This is much trickier but we are starting to get the hang of it! We have found in our new Maths learning that the strategy of making links to old learning has been very useful over the last two weeks!


Science has been all about investigating these past two weeks. We linked in to our learning about healthy eating and thought about what else our bodies need. We tested the effects of exercise on our bodies and whether different exercises effected people differently. Then we started to think about hygiene, especially hand washing. We covered our hands in glitter (pretending this was germs and dirt) and then took notice of how long it took us to wash it off of our hands. It definitely made us all think about why soap is important and how much time we really should take when washing our hands at various points in the day! Our favourite experiment of all was the mouldy bread test. To help us think about hygiene in a different way rubbed a slice of bread on different surfaces (including our hands) and then left it to see what would happen. We predicted that the dirtier the surface, the more mould would grow. We left one piece untouched and this currently has no mould growing on it. The mouldiest bread came in to contact with the playground fence and the slice that everybody had touched. 


This week was Art week in school. We were given the artist 'John Muafangejo'. He is an African artist who used linocuts and woodcuts to print pieces of art work based around his life in Africa. First we tested different mediums to see which would be the best to print with. Then we tried to recreate some of his work. We used polystyrene tiles (rather than wood or lino) and the hard end of a paintbrush to scratch our patterns out and then rolled printing ink on to it before creating a repeating pattern on paper. The following day we then used what we had learnt from the past two Art lessons to create and make our own picture, using the same technique. They looked great and we really enjoyed doing it. Today, Miss Tarrant came to teach us about the artist Vincent Van Gogh as this is what her class had been exploring all week. We then tried to recreate 'A Starry Night' using small brush strokes just like him. It certainly has been a creative Art week!


Have a lovely weekend everybody!


Don't forget classrooms will be open from 3PM on Monday and Tuesday for you to come and see the children's art work from this week.