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Week 3: 21st January 2019

In Maths this week we looked at subtraction and learnt a new method of recording called the bar model. This is very similar to the part whole model but it is just another way of recording and representing the whole number and its two parts. Then we began solving number problems around subtraction and addition using part whole models, tens frames and bar models. 



In English we have carried on looking at the story of Supertato! We looked at sequencing the story and mapped it out onto a story mountain. We then broke the story into the beginning, middle and end. We then had a go at retelling the story of Supertato ourselves. We broke the story up into three parts and spent 3 lessons writing it.  Mrs Liquori and I are very impressed with your first attempt at story writing!!!!! 


In Science this week as we carried out our first investigation 'Which material would make the best superhero cape?'. We predicted what we thought would be the best material and then we carried out an investigation to see if our predictions were correct.  After recording our findings about what would make the best cape, we wrote conclusions about them.  


We have also been busy practicing our assembly!!!! We have all learnt our lines very well and now we just need to focus on using those big loud voices that I know you all have!!


I hope you all have a lovely weekend and keep going over your lines!!! 


Next week's learning...


We will be using the story of Traction Man in our English lessons

We will be carrying out another Science investigation linked to our Science learning on materials

We will be solving missing number problems in Maths using addition and subtraction