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Week 3 19.9.16

What an exciting week 02 have had! Over the week we have taken part  in so many exciting activities; from making posters about 'Jeans for Genes’ to creating our own insect houses.


We started the week with an assembly where Miss MacKenzie came to tell us all about Enterprise Week and what we would be finding out. We then created our designs for our insect house, making sure that we included information about the equipment we were using and reasons for our choices. Next, we used these designs to help form our business plan detailing who we were making our product for and how much profit we were hoping to make.


On Tuesday, we had a special visit from Mr Breslin and Mrs Cooper. We presented our business plan to them and they were so impressed that they gave us £40 to help buy the materials we needed to make our insect houses! This meant that we then could each create our own insect house, by cutting small sticks of bamboo and tying together with string.


This week, we also looked at our chosen charity ‘Jeans for Genes’ and made posters to tell people about who the charity helps and why it is important. We found out about Max, a little boy who has a genetic disorder and would be helped by the charity. We were also lucky enough to have a visit from a genetic scientist, who came to answer all the interesting questions we had about genes.


Finally, we completed maths problems involving teeth. We found the total amount of teeth different children had and also really enjoyed completing an investigation into which tube of toothpaste held the most. We squeezed the toothpaste in each tube onto strips of paper and then measured each one to solve the problem!


On Friday, our classroom was turned into a shop and we sold our insect houses to our family and friends, making lots of money for our charity ‘Jeans for Genes’.


Enterprise Week has been a great success and we have enjoyed every minute!