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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 3 19.9.16

We have been entrepreneurs this week in O1, as we have looked at different ways to raise money for charity.

The school has been supporting 'Jeans for Genes' and the year 1 children wanted to make bird feeders to sell. They started by learning about what genes are and how people can be different from each other. This led to many discussions about people they know and some of the athletes seen in the Paralympics. This was aided by a visit from Rihanna who is studying genetics at university and she was able to answer some questions and explain the work that she does, helping the children further their knowledge.

The process of making the bird feeders was started by the children designing, colouring and labelling their ideas during their literacy lessons. Following on from this the children set about making a feeder. They stuck string to pots, painted them and then put string through the top.

During their maths lessons the children measured how much string they needed before measuring out amounts of biscuit, lard and bird seeds. This was then all mixed together to go in their pots and then placed in the fridge. We then looked at money and worked out the best price to sell the feeders at.

The children took great pride in their work and wrote in their books all the instructions they needed to make the feeders and then some posters to display around school.

Finally, we sold our products at the end of the week and raised a good amount of money for the Jeans for Genes charity. We would like to thank all the TA's and parents for their support and help during the week.