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Week 3 - 19.09.16

What a brilliant week! B2 have had a fantastic time taking on the role of becoming little entrepreneurs.

We have spent the week: designing, producing business plans, presenting, making and selling. The children have also learnt all about the charity Genes for Jeans and can now talk about what genes are and why our bodies need them.

In Literacy, we watched a film clip about a little boy called Max. Max has a genetic disorder called: Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia. This means that his sweat glands do not work properly, his hair grows very slowly and he doesn’t have any teeth. The children made posters all about genes and completed some comprehension work, to show their understanding. Learning about Max made the children even more enthused to raise money for Genes for Jeans.

On Thursday Rhianna, who is a genetic counselor, came into school to talk to the children about the job that she does. The children asked her some fantastic questions.

B2 & O2 decided that it would be a good idea to design and make a bug hotel in order to raise money for the charity Genes for Jeans.

In maths we focussed on how much money we would need in order to make the Bug Hotels.  The children used their addition and multiplication skills to find the cost of making one bug hotel; 65p. We then decided that we should sell each bug hotel for £2, which would make a profit of £1.35.  

The next job in hand was the business plan. It was really important that we got this right as we had to present them to Mr Breslin and Mrs Cooper in order to get our £20 to buy the resources that we needed to make them. We were successful thanks to the well-presented business plans and clear speaking voices that the children had.

We then rolled our sleeves up and began to make the bug hotels. We used a hack saw to cut each piece of bamboo – needless to say this was incredibly hard work and Mr Nicholson had to come to help! Finally we measured pieces of string and each tied them around six pieces of bamboo.

On Friday we sold our finished bug hotels to the parents. It was great fun. We set up shop in the classroom and made price signs and posters to advertise our goods!

Thank you to all of the parents in B2 for purchasing a bug hotel.