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Week 3 16.01.17

What a busy week this has been!


In English, we have been thinking very carefully about the type of vocabulary we use. We have chosen some words to place in our word jail deciding they were not sufficiently powerful. We can no longer use 'good', 'bad', 'big' or 'sad' but instead have to use some more interesting adjectives which we have researched in our Thesaurus. It has been very difficult for the adults to remember not to use banned words but luckily, the children are on hand to remind us not to use those adjectives! This has helped us write descriptions of an imaginary world that our yellow friend Beegu might come from. We have also been thinking carefully about how to use our punctuation, from capital letters and full stops to speech marks when writing about what the characters have said. B2 also enjoyed a lesson with Miss Horton during which they learned to debate arguing whether or not a teacher had done the right thing!


In Maths, we have been building on last week's lessons on multiplication. It has been great to see children understanding the link between repeated addition and multiplication using arrays and number lines. They even designed their own times tables using colourful arrays to show the 'groups of' increasing each time. We have been practising our 2, 5 and 10 times tables but also challenged ourselves to consider how it would work for the other times tables too. We have been applying our knowledge to organise a party and work out how many juices would be on trays, how many sweets would be in the party bags and importantly how many people would be sitting around the tables! It was great to see how confident we all were at the end of the week solving word problems using our representations to help us.


In Science this week, we went on a Materials treasure hunt around the school spotting man-made and natural materials. We found a lot of objects which we made out of both man-made and natural materials. We used our knowledge of materials to create a collage of the letter M using only man-made materials and a collage of the letter N using only natural materials. It was up to the children to decide which was which and we had some interesting conversations about where cotton, silk and wool come from. Next week, we will be heading to the Frogmore Paper Mill to find out a little bit more about the process of paper making. We will even have an opportunity to make our own paper!


In Geography, our skills using an atlas have improved since last week and on a blank blue paper representing the oceans and seas, we were able to place all 7 continents with more accuracy! Our work is now on display in the corridor as we're really proud to have made such progress in such a short time.


On Friday afternoon, we created paper toys, including a snail and a bird using paper templates together with our cutting and colouring skills. These are so lovely that, though I agreed to let some snails go home with the children, the birds will remain and become part of a display in the classroom!