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Week 3: 15th January 2018

Introducing Diamond the dinosaur.

On Monday the egg hatched and Diamond the Triceratops was born. He has now become part of Badger’s class and will be supporting the children with their learning throughout the rest of the year.

The theme this week has been ‘Our Senses’. We have been talking about the five senses; touch, smell, hearing, taste and sight. We have been using lots of different activities to explore these senses.

Sight: The children have been playing games such as ‘I Spy’ which has involved them looking closely at their environment. They have also been doing some writing based on this game. We have been working on constructing and writing a simple sentence and some of the children have been extending their sentences with adjectives and conjunctions. The children have also been trying to write their names with their eyes closed to see how tricky it can be.

Sound: In music the children have been exploring different ways to use their voice to represent different dinosaurs. They also used different instruments to represent the big dinosaur’s stomps and the tiny dinosaur’s stomps. Miss Caperon has been sharing lots of musical instruments with the class, including a xylophone, cello, claves and bells. The children have been making their own instruments out of junk modelling so the classroom has been full of music this week.  

Taste: The children have been making their own fruit kebabs this week. They have been talking about the taste of the different fruits they have added. We have also done the crisp taste experiment where the children have had to guess the favour of crisps using just the taste.

Touch: The children have been exploring materials such as cornflour. They had to use different words to describe the texture. They discussed why they liked or disliked playing with it.

Smell: The children used smell pots to match the food item to the correct picture. They smelt lots of different items of food including curry powder, vinegar, onion and lime. Lots of children were super at recognising the different items of food and were working on trying to describe the different smells.

In Maths we have started to look at 2D shapes and talking about the features of the shapes including sides and corners. We have been trying to find these shapes in the environment and the children had to explain why they thought it was that shape using the words sides and corners. They were fantastic at explaining why they thought that, especially when they were challenged with squares and rectangles as both have 4 sides and corners. The children had to explain why it was a rectangle and not a square. At home you could challenge the children to find examples of 2D shapes and encourage the use of the words ‘sides’ and ‘corners’.

The children have also been creating their own bar charts. They had to decide what they wanted to find out and then ask their friends what their answer was. We had children finding out about siblings, favourite colours and favourite foods. 


Well done Badgers on a busy week!

Miss Leach and Mrs Forty

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