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Week 3 1.5.17

O2 have enjoyed a short but busy week of learning!


On Tuesday, we began our week with Mr Lazarra practising our dance skills. We thought about how

to link movements and created different actions and dance steps to a range of songs, in preparation

for our dance competition. We then enjoyed music with Mrs Caperon and continued to express the movement of animals through music in the style of Saint-Saens.


In maths this week, we have been recapping all of the maths skills we have learnt so far. We thought about how we made sure we answered word problems carefully, by picking out the key parts of the question and showing our working. We also looked at time, and drew the hands on a variety of clock faces to show different times. Finally, we enjoyed completed a carousel of activities, where we used our knowledge of missing numbers, multiplication, division and other mathematical operations to answer a variety of questions.


In literacy this week, we have looked at the story of ‘The Blackbird and his Wife’. We read the story in parts and then acted out the story in pairs and groups. After watching each other’s performances, we thought about the vocabulary used in the story and then drew pictures to order and sequence the events. Next, we used our story maps to answer questions about the story. Finally, we began to think about our new topic of ‘Africa’ and wrote about what we already know as well as things we would like to find out about over the next half term.


In science, we completed our topic of plants by observing the results of our plant investigation. We looked at each set of plants including those that had been grown without water, light or soil. We drew our observations and then explained our results using scientific vocabulary. We were excited to find that our predictions had been correct; the plants with water, light and soil had grown the most over the past two weeks.


Finally, we had a wonderful afternoon on Wednesday taking part in a class house competition! We were put into teams to complete a trio of activities including javelin, throwing and jumping. Miss Horton’s team won and were all given three achievement points for their given house.


Well done O2!