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Week 3 - 01.05.17

Despite this week being a ridiculously short week with the May bank holiday and local elections, B2 have managed to pack a lot in!


In English this week, we read a story called The Blackbird and His Wife. We acted parts of the story and create a story map to sequence the events. This helped us then answer comprehension questions about the text practising our skill of finding evidence in the author's writing.


In Maths this week, we have been applying our skills to problem solve. This has at times tested our resilience but B2 have shown great determination in using what they know to answer different word problems. We also returned to our fraction work and we were excited to use the bar method once again to find halves, quarters and even three quarters of amounts. 


The theme of the week has been cooperation and we have had to use this skill in our Maths carousel as we worked as a team to discuss and agree the method to work out a range of different problems. We really understood the importance of cooperation during our class assembly where we set out to pass a hula hoop while holding hands in a circle. Not as easy as it seems! It was great to hear the cheers of encouragement from all members of the class.


Working as a team was also a theme in our PE activities this week when the children wore with great pride their house colours to represent Fire, Water, Earth or Air in a PE competition. Teamwork in action once again! It was also necessary to cooperate in country dancing as the entire circle needs to agree on which way they are going in the dance to avoid any little feet being squashed! We are very much looking forward to showing off the result of all our hard work later this term at the OVEG fair.


Finally, we got the chance to find out the results of our Science plant investigation. Some of us were really surprised to find out that the seeds left in cotton wool had actually germinated! Interestingly, the result of one of our tests was that a plant would grow more when surrounded by a soft toy, which we thought was due to the warmth provided by it! We discussed which tests we would want to do next and there was some mention of finding out whether a seed would germinate if you planted it in a bed so you have been warned...