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Week 2 9.1.17

This week, O2 have enjoyed starting many new topics ready for a new year of learning!


In literacy, we began looking at a story called ‘Beegu’. Before reading, we predicted what we thought would happen in the story using the front cover and pictures to help us. We thought of lots of interesting ideas and once we had read the story we realised how many of them had been accurate! Next, we reminded ourselves of the use of question words and thought of as many questions as we could that we would like to ask about the story. We even had a competition to find out who had thought of the most questions; well done to groups Europe and North America who both thought of 45 questions each! We then looked at the different emotions that Beegu would have felt in the story and explained our choices of vocabulary. Finally, we created our own story maps showing the beginning, middle and end to help us retell the story in order to our friends.


In maths this week, we have focused on answering the question ‘What does multiply mean?’ We investigated this question in different ways and used counting objects and arrays to group numbers. This then meant that we could use our findings to multiply different numbers and to count in twos, fives and tens. We also used arrays to spot patterns in multiplication number sentences and used these patterns to find the next numbers in the sequence. We also enjoyed problem solving with Mrs Holliman on Monday and thinking about numbers in different ways.


We enjoyed working with Miss Mackenzie this week for our science learning on Thursday. We investigated the properties of different materials and were excited to sort the materials into different groups.  In geography this week, we shared our previous knowledge of what geography is and found out all about the continents of the world. Finally, we practised our cutting skills with a variety of exercises designed to help us with our fine motor skills.


Well done O2 on a fantastic week of learning!