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Week 2: 8th January 2018

Badger class got a big surprise this week!!


On Tuesday suspicious footprints were found outside the classroom. The children went to investigate and found a mysterious egg! Could it possibly be a dinosaur egg?! The children have been looking after the egg in the classroom, making a warm and cosy nest for it so it is kept safe. They are making close observations of the egg waiting for it to hatch and for us to meet our visitor.


The children have loved the topic on dinosaurs and it has been brilliant to listen to all the facts the children already know about dinosaurs. The topic was started by a visit from local author Stephen Hughes who read us his book ‘The dinosaur in the Shed’. The children thoroughly enjoyed the book and having the author himself come and read it. We have continued to talk about the different authors of our story books throughout the week.


During the week the children have been doing some fantastic writing about different dinosaurs they have been learning about. We have been learning and writing about whether the dinosaur is a carnivore or herbivore, whether they have wings or not and whether they have sharp or rounded teeth?


In Maths the children have been busy exploring the concept of subtraction by feeding a dinosaur yummy treats. They have been solving the problems by carefully counting the treats for the dinosaur to eat and then counting how many they have left to find the answer.


In the creative area the children have been looking closely at the egg and creating observational drawings. They have also been learning about fossils and creating their own fossils using art straws and air dough.

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