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Week 2: 29th April 2019

The Mystery of the Golden Book


Monday morning was supposed to a normal school day but Mrs Cooper had other ideas. Instead of Miss Leach's planned lesson Mrs Cooper sent Parrot class a letter asking for help. The school's precious Golden Book had been taken and she was trusting Parrot class to ensure its safe return. Straight away Parrot class transformed into Detectives ready to solve the case. 


They started by making posters to place around the school to raise awareness. These were carefully drawn and information shared with the whole school. The whole school was so concerned!!!


In the afternoon we were given a clue from Mrs Cooper: a footprint left by the culprit. We used our maths skills to measure and compare lengths. The children wanted to find more clues and went off to interview Mrs Cooper. She shared some more information and even showed us the burglar alarm to reassure us that someone hadn't broken in. On the way back to class the children saw Jo the Cook. They told her all about the mystery and drew round her foot to make sure she hadn't taken the book. 


The next day the children learnt all about fingerprints and had a go at looking closely at their own fingerprints. The learnt that every fingerprint was unique and that it may provide clues to who had taken the book. 


Thursday there was no school so Miss Leach and Miss Tarrant worked hard looking for clues because the next day was Friday and Mrs Cooper really didn't want to cancel Celebration Assembly. 


On Friday Miss Leach shared some interesting evidence, some photographs of Golden Tickets which had fallen from the book. The children used their detective skills and realised they were in the KITCHEN!!!! No surely not! Surely it wasn't Jo the Cook! 


The children decided we must interview Jo to find out more. Some children wanted to throw her in jail but one child said "but we won't get our lunch." The interview was probably the safer option. 


Jo came down looking a little guilty. The children asked some fantastic questions and discovered the TRUTH!! Jo had taken the Golden Book and it had all started out as an accident but Jo had always wanted to be in the Golden Book and thought she could get a Golden Ticket. Jo the Cook chose to tell the truth (which the children know is very important) and they decided to forgive her!! Jo gave the children a one bite cookie as a well done for solving the crime! The detectives put away their magnifying glasses away ready for the next crime to be solved. 


If you have a crime to solve then please consider the services of Parrot class detectives. We are very reasonably priced. 


The End


We had another session of RelaxKids. This is a very popular session in our week and it is so lovely to watch the children spend time just focusing on being happy and having fun (a big ethos for all our time at school). It was quite emotional watching the children do some mindfulness and think about what makes them happy and that they are special. Over the next few weeks I will go through in more depth the stages if RelaxKids as I become more familiar with it. 


Library - It is on a Monday. Please make sure books are returned weekly. It is a fantastic resource for the children to access and it is a shame when they don't have their book with them. Less and less children are bringing their book. If you would like to help with library please let us know. It would be on a fortnightly basis, ideally on a Monday but please speak to me if you are interested. 


Snowman - the children have loved playing this game this week and maybe a good game to keep them entertained over the weekend. It is a child friendly version of hangman. I base it round phonetically plausible words and focus on sounds not letters. Special friends only have one line as they make one sound. I'm sure the children will be able to fill you in on the rest. 


Have a lovely long bank holiday weekend. Fingers crossed for the sun to make an appearance.


Miss Leach