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Week 2: 29th April 2019

This week we arrived to school to find a letter from Mrs Cooper telling us that the Golden Book had gone missing! She had searched everywhere but couldn’t find it. She knows that our Reception children are very good at solving problems so she asked us to help her to find it.


Firstly we decided to make posters to let everyone know that the Golden Book was missing. We painted and drew posters and put them up all around the school so that everyone would know to look out for it.


The next morning a footprint was found in Mrs Cooper’s office.  We measured the footprint to see how long it was and then measured the footprints of people in school to see if anybody had the same size footprint. Some children also decided to measure family members’ footprints to ensure they hadn’t taken the Golden Book.


Next Mrs Cooper found a fingerprint on her desk. We learned that everybody’s fingerprint is different and there are various types of fingerprints we can have. We took all of our fingerprints to see if any matched to the one that was found.


As the week went on we became more suspicious of Cook Jo. She had the same sized footprint as the person that had taken the Golden Book and she was also seen leaving the school with a big bag. On Friday morning we received pictures showing golden tickets in the school. We worked out that the tickets were all in the dining hall, so we decided to ask Cook Jo to come down to Reception so that we could question her.


It turns out she had taken the Golden Book but explained that it had been an accident. When she had been in Mrs Cooper’s office she had accidentally picked it up along with her menus and brought it to her office! She didn’t realise she had it until the following day but then thought she would keep it so that she could be the person to hand out the golden tickets this week. She gave the Golden Book back to us and apologised for taking it. We told her that we were glad she was honest and handed it back to us. Mrs Cooper was delighted when we returned the Golden Book to her!


Next week our topic will be Rumble in the Jungle, as we will have a theatre company visiting us on Friday to perform The Jungle Book.


Well done on some fantastic investigating this week Toucan Class!