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Week 2 24.4.17

O2 have had a wonderful week of learning!


In literacy this week, we looked at how we could describe our emotions using ‘show not tell’; a strategy to explain how someone is feeling by describing their actions rather than the actual emotion. We thought of different ways to describe emotions such as happiness, worry or fear and then talked about why we had used these descriptions. We then spent the rest of the week focusing on the story ‘Monster and Frog at Sea’. We began by reading the story and drawing the emotions felt by each character at six different parts in the story and comparing the differences between their feelings. We applied our understanding of ‘show not tell’ to describe these feelings before answering questions about the story. Finally, we created our own stories about Monster and Frog by thinking about another exciting adventure that they could take part in together. We made sure our stories has a clear beginning, middle and end and used interesting vocabulary to enhance our stories.


In maths this week, we began to look at time. We recapped on o clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to times and were given the challenge to spot as many of these times as we could throughout the day! We also continued our focus on tens and ones, by solving missing number problems. We used dienes and number squares to add and subtract different amounts of tens to solve a variety of problems where certain numbers were missing from the sentence. Miss Kerr taught us all about fractions on Wednesday, and we impressed her with our knowledge of halves, quarters, thirds and even sixths and eighths! Finally, we thought about multiplication and division and practised using these operations in word problems.


Also this week, we continued to practise our country dancing. We practised the dances we began last week and remembered the steps we had learnt so far. In science, we looked at how plants grow by ordering the stages of growth and we were very excited to observe how our investigation seeds were growing over the week!


Well done O2 on a very busy week of learning!