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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 2 - 24.04.2017

This week we have been busy planting the herbs and flowers that have been donated. The children have researched the names of some of the plants we have received, and made labels for the plants outside. We have really been inspired by this planting, with the children even suggesting we make a 'flower shop' in our outdoor area. The children planned how it would look, made signs, and found the resources we would need. They really enjoyed buying and selling plants and gardening tools. 


In Literacy this week we read the story The Rainbow Fish. We worked on writing a sentence from the story. In phonics we continued to revise Set 2 sounds, and introduced the tricky words 'what' and 'when'. In maths we have been learning about capacity, and described containers using the words full and empty. The children spent a lot of the week at the sandpit and in the water trays, learning about this concept. We looked at estimating how many cups it would take to fill a larger container, then testing our estimates. 


On Wednesday afternoon we had a competition afternoon with Coach Angelo. We wore our house t-shirts, and took part in some throwing activities including javelin throw and discus. We kept scores, and added them up at the end. 


The children have continued to learn more and more facts about sea creatures. Some children have brought in books related to the topic, and we have used these for our research. In the creative area, we decided to make an ocean scene. The children had to mix colours together to get specific shades for the ocean, painting the darker colours on the bottom, and the lighter colours on the top. We then attached sea creatures and facts to our pictures. 


It has been a very productive week in OR class this week. Well done everyone!