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Week 2 - 24.04.17

This week started with us thinking carefully about how we can read people's emotions from the expression on their faces or from the way that they were acting. We used this to help us 'show' but not 'tell' characters' emotions. Instead of simply saying that our character was scared, we described how their palms felt sweaty, how they had wobbly legs or how they kept shaking uncontrollably. When reading a story of Frog and Monster at sea, we noticed that the author had not used 'show not tell' particularly well and we decided to improve on that by describing the characters' feelings without actually saying it. We laughed at Monster for being such a scaredy-cat throughout their adventure! We then planned the characters' next adventure and on Friday, became writers once again bringing the characters to life in our various different adventures. Some set their stories in the desert, others at a football stadium, at a safari or in a forest but regardless of the setting, we all wrote in paragraphs building our story up bit by bit and we were all very proud of our hard work!


In Maths this week, we used our knowledge of tens to solve missing number problems, working out how much Miss Mackenzie would have to borrow from Miss Hurt if the car she was buying was 80p and she only had 50p! We then moved on to time and time is a big favourite of the children in B2 since they were challenged to read the time and allowed to interrupt the lesson to do so. A bit of a competition has been taking place to see who would be able to say it was quarter to 10 the fastest! It was fantastic to see children putting into practice their knowledge of time and learning how to now read the time to the nearest 5 minutes. We had some exciting breakthroughs! Finally, we also had a fun afternoon of hunting down multiplication and division questions in a Maths treasure hunt. It was lovely to see everyone working together and drawing the question to help them find lots of or share equally. Well done everyone for their fantastic enthusiasm!


In Art this week, the children got the opportunity to create portraits of Mrs Cooper to replace those which are currently on her office door. B2 used a range of media to create their portraits and we have some which show a real likeness to Mrs Cooper herself. She will be presented with some options to decorate her door with so look out for your work proudly displayed on her office door!


In Science this week, we looked at the different stages of germination and described how a plant grows step by step. We cannot wait to find out the result of last week's investigation and have been checking on the progress of our plants exposed to light in the classroom. Since they haven't yet grown that much, we will be making our final conclusions about the investigation in the course of next week.


We have taken the opportunity this week to take a moment and read for pleasure. It is wonderful to see children excited about reading and sharing the love of reading with others in the classroom. I have brought in my personal collection of Dinosaur Cove and Greek Myths books so if any of the children in the classroom are tempted to read them, encourage them to borrow one to find out more!