Bushey and Oxhey Infant School

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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 2 24.04.17

Picture 1 digging the earth
Picture 2 planting begins!
Picture 3 preparing the ground
Picture 4 sprinkling seeds
Picture 5 raking the soil
Picture 6 beautiful!
Picture 7 gorgeous strawberry plant
Picture 8 planting
Picture 9 where shall we put the curry plant?
Picture 10 digging the soil in preparatoin for the lavender
Picture 11 planting fennel
Picture 12 watering
Picture 13 watering the herbs
Picture 14 a beautiful border!
Picture 15 selecting a book
Picture 16 sharing a story
Picture 17 creating playdough octupus
Picture 18 a matching game
Picture 19 Under the sea felt pictures
Picture 20 House Competition time
Picture 21 Javelin contest
Picture 22 throwing the javelin
Picture 23 the discus competition
Picture 24 which discus will go furthest?
Picture 25 aiming accurately