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Week 2: 14th January 2019

WOW Meerkats what a busy second week back we have had! I would like to say another HUGE thank you to you all again for your generous donations towards our superhero topic we really appreciate it!! 


We started off the week by having a day spent doing design and technology where we created our own SUPER VEG and brought them to life!! After we had finished creating them we evaluated our own work and decided whether our end product was the same as our design. We also thought and wrote about which parts were hard when creating our super veg and which parts were easy to do!


In English we have been looking at instruction writing. We looked at a variety of different instructions and the features that instructions have. We noticed that all instructions include time adverbials, imperative (bossy) verbs, numbered steps, equipment lists and short sentences. We then used all the skills we had learnt  and had a go at writing our own set of instructions on 'HOW TO MAKE A SUPER VEG'. 


Later on in the week, we used different medias to produce more images of our SUPER VEG. We painted pictures of our superveg and used an app on the IPAD to create another picture of our super veg. 


In Maths we continued to look at and secure our knowledge of addition. We have learnt how to record addition sums in number sentences and using the part whole model. 


In science we have started our new topic of materials. We started by sorting materials into different groups depending on their properties. We explored how some materials can be soft, hard, flexible, rigid etc. The Meerkats then went on to do a Material Hunt to look for different materials around the classroom, in the playground and in the school hall! 


Next week's learning...


We will be looking at subtraction in Maths.

Continuing our Superhero theme, we will be rewriting the story of 'Supertato'.

Our Science learning will include making predictions and investigating to build upon what we have already learnt.

We have also got a special visit from a martial arts expert who will be giving us some tips in a PE lesson on Thursday morning.