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Week 2: 13th January 2020

Star of the Day 


Week 1

Clara, Ruby, Lavenia, Ryan and Tommy


Week 2

Joshua, Insiya, Ted, Melissa and Grace


Well done to all of you!


We have been reading a story called 'Zeraffa Giraffa' by Dianne Hofmeyr this week. It is a true story from nearly 200 hundred years ago about the journey of a baby giraffe from Egypt, Africa to France, Europe. The children have really enjoyed hearing the story and we have made story maps to help us remember it. We even tried out 'hot seating' some characters from it this week. Mrs Ali got very excited about this and found costumes for the children to wear so that we could really get in to character!



We have continued looking at division this week, recapping the sharing method and then looking at the grouping method. We thought about which types of division questions each method is more useful for, deciding that the grouping method helps when we are working with larger numbers. We used this learning to help us solve word problems involving sharing and practise showing our working out.


We have also been practising retrieving our Maths learning from various points in the year. This is something you could try at home. Think of 4 questions, 1 of each operation (add, subtract, times and divide) and ask you child to work them out and show their working out too. As an example, 28+15=?, 32-15=?, 4x6=? and 21÷3=?. They can have as long as they need to do this and have learnt methods to solve all four of these questions. Then spend some time talking them through, letting your child explain their reasoning behind the method they chose, and if they got an incorrect answer, seeing if they can spot where they went wrong. These are really important skills for the children to have. Reasoning and explaining, but also spotting mistakes and self correcting. 



We have been thinking about healthy eating this week, looking at the different food groups and why they are all important for our bodies, in moderation of course! We drew a 'healthy plate' for a meal and spoke about why we had chosen each type of food.



We painted our African patterns on to our fabric this week. They look fab! Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos of us painting (sorry!) but we have our open classroom on Friday so don't forget to pop in and have a look at them up on display.



We worked in groups to make posters showcasing our learning on Kenya so far. Then we presented them to the rest of the class. The children worked really hard and these are up on our 'Sensational Safari' board in the classroom for all to see. 



We went back to our learning from before Christmas on religious symbols this week. We reminded ourselves of the symbols we had learnt about and told each other some facts that we had learnt. Then we used clay to recreate them. The children really enjoyed getting messy and they look great! Next week we will be painting them.


Have a lovely weekend everyone!