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Week 2 - 12.09.16

It has been a very fun and successful week in B2! The children are getting into the swing of things now and so have received lots of achievement points smiley


We began the week with our Olympic Torch Relay. We used the torches that we had designed and then made last week. O2 came to cheer us on as we jogged a lap of the school grounds. The children were so excited, as you will probably see from the photographs! 

Continuing with our topic of the Olympics we have been researching some of the countries that our families have originated from. It was fascinating. The children chose from a long list of countries from South Wales to Nigeria, Lebanon to Australia & New Zealand. They used atlas', maps and search engines to find out information about capital cities, population sizes, the national flag to name but a few.


In maths this week we have been focussing on two digit numbers: labelling, building and partitioning the tens and ones. The children finished the week playing tactical games to try and score the biggest two digit numbers using dominoes and number cards 0-9.


In literacy we have been comparing characters and settings. The children's vocabulary when brainstorming many different adjectives was impressive. Today we finished the week writing a comparison between the setting from 'Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters' with a photograph from a fairy tale such as the Disney palace. The children were explaining their answers using the words 'because', 'but' and used phrases such as: 'the difference between' 'I think this because'. Ms Hurt and I were so impressed with B2 we gave each of them an achievement point!


As you were aware it was Roald Dahl day on Tuesday. Year two focussed on the fabulous story of The BFG. The children highlighted many nonsense words from The BFG's vocabulary and then had a go at making their own by joining two adjectives together. The result was hilariously clever!

cute + ugly = cly,   nice + kind = kice. One child even labelled a balloon as silly and came up with 'silloon'.


In PE the children continued to experiment with high and low positions. They held each one for a count of three and put them together into a short sequence (linking two movements together). The floor mats were a very popular choice this week, I managed to capture a few action photographs!