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Week 2 09.01.17

This week has been an exciting new week of firsts as we got stuck in to the Spring term properly.


In English this week, we started reading our new book Beegu, which tells the story of a little yellow alien whose spaceship crashes on Earth. Before we even began the book, we practised predicting from clues on the front cover and, as we read the book, we adjusted our predictions accordingly. We found it hilarious when Beegu tried to speak to trees and leaves as she desperately sought new friends. Though we found it funny, we realised that Beegu must have been feeling really lonely and different in a world where she did not have a place. Our work on Beegu's feelings allowed us to practised using a range of different adjectives to describe how she felt, without using the dreaded 'happy' or 'sad', which in B2 are going to be sent to 'Word Jail'! As Beegu finally gets reunited with her family, we discussed what questions her mum and dad would have asked her about planet Earth. It was great to see the children practising question sentences and statement sentences in response as we endeavour to remember our punctuation!


In Maths, this week, we have been understanding the meaning of the word 'multiply'. We used multilink cubes and arrays to show that 2x3 means 2 lots of or groups of 3. We worked really hard to understand which other facts we could deduce from one multiplication fact using the sentence 'If I know that ..., then I also know that'. It was interesting to see that, though 2x3 and 3x2 have the same answer, they look very different when drawn. We also all agreed that we would rather have one more lot of 3 than an extra lot of 2, particularly when talking about sweets! Some of us even tackled a tricky challenge of organising 12 chocolates in a chocolate box in as many different ways as possible. There are so many ways of presenting our chocolate boxes that we'd run out of chocolates if we were to demonstrate them all! B2 also got a chance to practise their problem solving skills with Mrs Holliman reinforcing the connections between repeated addition and multiplication. It was great to see them impressing Mrs Holliman with their reasoning and I know she is looking forward to teaching them next week!


In Science this week, we began a new topic on Materials using a wide range of vocabulary to describe how different materials feel. We discussed in groups how to classify them according to different characteristics - rigid, flexible, hard, soft, smooth, rough. Do encourage your children to think about what everyday objects at home are made of, even discussing what material would be silly to use for that specific object and why.


B2 also got to enjoy their first Geography lesson with Mrs Terry. They created a mind map about what geography was and discussed what a good learner would look like in Geography lessons. They also located all 7 continents on a world map using their atlases. Mrs Terry is really looking forward to next week's lesson with B2.


It's been a great first full week in B2 and we're all looking forward to some exciting learning next week. Have a good weekend!