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Week 2 09.01.17

We had a very adventurous week, inspired by our key text Man on the Moon by Simon Bartman


In Literacy, we began the week by meeting Bob (the main character in Man on the Moon).  All we were shown was Bob in his home, we became detectives spotting clues to tell us more about Bob e.g. photos, objects etc.  We then wrote questions to ask Bob so we could find out all about him and we sent these questions to Bob.  By the next day, Bob had sent a reply including a letter with a gift, his book Man on the Moon.  Bob challenged us to read his book and to use it to help us answer our questions we had asked.  We then chose our favourite parts of the story and we wrote explanations to explain why it was our favourite part.  During PE Bob invited us to visit the moon, we packed our lunches, put our space suits on and boarded our rockets.  We had a wonderful time; we enjoyed exploring the moon, we met aliens, discovered deep craters and we loved making footprints in the dusty moon’s surface.  Finally, we wrote postcards to our family and friends to share our amazing adventure on the moon, we used adjectives and time openers to help bring our writing to life.


During Maths, this week, we have been learning about digits (numerals including 0 to 9).  Our first challenge, was to sort different numbers into one, two, three and four digits.  We then had to solve problems, including a challenge called Digit Street, we had to answer a range of questions involving digits, odd and even numbers and calculating including adding.  It was a tricky challenge, but we tried our best to use our skills to answer the questions.  We ended the week with another problem to solve; to describe a number using clues without revealing the number e.g. it has 2 digits, 1 ten, 7 ones . . .what is the number?


In Topic,  this week, we learnt about timelines and we recorded our lives so far on a timeline including important events e.g. being born, getting our first tooth and our first day at school.   Next week, we will continue to learn about the explorer Edmund Hilary.


A very busy week girls and boys!  We hope you have a restful weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday.