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Week 14: 9th December

We have been super busy this week! Two dress rehearsals completed before our Nativity shows next week. It is always a challenge for the children to do their Nativity performances in costumes and with the new stage lighting. The children did amazingly well and we can't wait to show you next week - hope we don't have any nerves on the day! Our second performance had lots of children off sick which meant that some children had to adapt but THE SHOW WENT ON and the children looked like true professionals as they performed (even without our main character Mary in the show).


In Maths this week we have been finishing off our adding topic. The children were showing their independence adding two different coloured baubles together and recording it in part, part, whole models. I am really impressed with their attention over this term and what the children have learnt. 


We have been recapping our sounds in Phonics and becoming confident with the sounds we have learnt so far. Lots of children are now confidently blending. If your child is still on lilac books please download the CVC picture game on Parrot class homepage to support them in blending. Daily practise of around five minutes will be so beneficial for the children. 


On Wednesday the children took part in the Elf Run. The children had been practising through the daily mile and were excited to wear an elf hat, raise money and run in the afternoon. I was very disappointed to not be able to attend but I heard they had great fun. 


Next week is the last week of term - hasn't time flown. It is a busy week so please check out the newsletter for any key dates and information. Our Nativity performances are on Tuesday PM and Wednesday AM. We hope to see you there!


Have a lovely weekend

Miss Leach