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Week 13 5.12.16

This week O2 have been busy with their literacy and maths learning.


In literacy this week, we have been continuing to look at list poems.  We enjoyed writing our own poems about celebrations! We started the week by thinking of a celebration we knew lots about and creating our own word bank of all the words we associated with our chosen celebration. We then thought of any alliteration we could use for each word. After planning the order and sequence we wanted our poem to be in, we wrote our own list poems, remembering to include all of the different features including alliteration, commas and an interesting starting sentence. See our gallery for photos of our fantastic poems! We also enjoyed looking at poems by Ken Nesbitt and deciding what we liked and disliked about the poems he has written.


Our maths learning this week has focused on multiplication and division. We began the week by looking at repeated addition, and relating this to our times tables and multiplication. Over the next few lessons, we practised multiplying a variety of numbers and solving multiplication word problems. At the end of the week, we began looking at division and practised dividing numbers by two, five and ten practically.


In our topic learning, we continued with our topic of celebrations by thinking about our class celebration at the end of term and what we would like to include. We planned our own celebrations, including the food we would eat, the decorations we would have and the clothes we would wear. Miss Horton was impressed by our suggestions and will hopefully be able to use some ready for the celebration at the end of term! We also enjoyed drawing observational pictures, using mirrors to draw portraits of ourselves smiling like we were at a celebration.


We really enjoyed our PE lesson this week, as Mrs Bedwell and Mrs Charles taught us lots of exciting team games. We worked in groups to catch beanbags, copy movements and race each other in a variety of games.


Finally this week, we were invited to watch a dress rehearsal of Reception’s Christmas Nativity. We were a fantastic audience and were very impressed with their clear voices, singing and costumes.


Well done O2 on a very exciting week!