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Week 12: 4th Dec 2017

What a busy week! The children have been practising their Nativity performance throughout the week. They have been practising singing the songs, saying their lines, walking onto the stage and acting. We ended the week with a dress rehearsal performance of ‘A Miracle in Town’ to the whole school. We are so proud of the children for their confident performance and we are so excited to share their Nativity with you on Monday. There will be two performances of the show on the Monday. The first will be at 9:00 and the second at 2:15. We kindly ask that in the morning you drop your child at the door and do not come inside. This will help us get the children changed quickly and ready for the first performance. Any questions or queries for either me or Mrs Forty please can they wait till the end of the day, once the children have been dismissed, when we will be available to talk.


This week our focus story has been ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. In Maths the children have been practising addition. They have been using Little Red Riding Hood’s basket to add the different types of fruit she has by combining the different groups and counting the total.


In Literacy the children have been drawing a map of the forest Little Red Riding Hood walks through and labelling some of the different characters. The children are all trying really hard and are excited to write which is fantastic to see.


Thank you for attending the parents evening sessions on Monday and Tuesday. Below are the documents which I mentioned to some of you. The first is a list of simple words which your child can begin to have a go at reading. These words could be ‘fred talked’ where an adult says each sound and the child have a go at blending or the child can read each sound and blend them together. The other document has some activities which will support your child’s auditory development. These are fun activities which help train the ear and will support your child’s reading.


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Miss Leach & Mrs Forty


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