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Week 12 27.3.17

O2 have had a wonderful final week of term.


In literacy this week, we finished our topic focusing on the story of ‘The Dark’. We thought about a variety of nocturnal animals and used books and fact-files to research facts and information about each one. We were excited to share our facts with Miss Horton and impressed her with our new knowledge. We then sorted the information we had found into different areas, such as habitats or food, and then used subheadings to show how we had sorted the facts. Finally, we wrote our own non-chronological reports about a nocturnal animal, using all the information we had found out from the previous lessons.


Our maths learning this week recapped on the topics we had covered over the past half term. We began by finishing looking at fractions and were able to solve problems by finding the different fractions required. We then applied our knowledge of multiplication and division to different word problems, and were able to explain how we knew which operation to use to solve each problem.


O2 were very proud to perform the song they had been practising, ‘Three Little Birds’, in the Spring Assemblies this week. We sang beautifully, listened to others and enjoyed sharing our singing with all our families and friends. Also this week, we prepared for Easter by learning about the Easter story. Mrs Cooper led an assembly all about Easter and we told our friends how we were planning to celebrate. We also thoroughly enjoyed making Easter baskets from glue and wool, and decorating Easter eggs ready for our Egg Hunt!


On Friday, we had our end of term class celebration. We had chosen to have a chocolate party! We started by playing ‘The Chocolate Game’ where we had to roll a dice to take turns to cut chocolate and eat any pieces we had managed to cut. We then decorated chocolate brownies with icing and a variety of other eatable decorations before taking part in our Easter Egg Hunt! Half of the eggs we had decorated had been hidden outside, and when we managed to find both halves of our eggs, we won a prize! We really enjoyed our chocolate party and are already looking forward to our next class celebration.


What a fantastic end to the Spring Term!