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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 12: 26th November 2018

We came in to school on Monday to find that our egg still had not hatched. We also received a second egg during the week, which we had to place in water. We looked after them both carefully and later in the week our egg hatched. Unfortunately it happened when we were in the classroom, so all was left when we got in was a cracked egg.


We talked about what may have happened to dinosaurs, and how all we have left now are dinosaur fossils. We spent a lot of time excavating our own fossils during the week, and making our own fossil pictures.


We also made a volcano this week. We built it using junk modelling materials and then painted it to make it look like a real volcano. On Friday we watched as it erupted!


In phonics this week we learned the sounds r, j, v and y. These have now been added to the sound tags. When children have learned their tricky words they get new ones, so please ensure these are placed in the basket on Thursdays.


In maths we introduced 5 frames. We made patterns using coloured counters, and then we worked our various ways to make 5. We are beginning to record this maths too.


Next week we will be learning about Hanukkah and practising lots of our Nativity. Please remember to bring your child’s costume to school next week. We are hoping to taking a photo of the children in their costumes on Monday or Tuesday, which will then appear in the Watford Observer.


Have a lovely weekend Toucan Class.