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Week 12: 26th November 2018

The week where not one but two dinosaur eggs hatched.


Monday morning the children noticed a crack in our first egg. They were so excited and discussions over what type of dinosaur it would be. The very next day the dinosaur hatched and decided to stay in Parrot class. The children had a vote on their favourite name and Topsy the Triceratops was the most popular. The children have been sharing all their learning with Topsy this week (I hope Squawky didn't get jealous). The second egg was a science experiment using an egg in water. This finally hatched on Friday and maybe over the weekend the children can think of a name for this dinosaur (I hope he chooses to stay like Topsy!)


We stayed learning about dinosaurs however the children showed an interest in volcanoes so we did divert our learning a little. They worked together to build, paper mache and paint a volcano for something special at the end of the week. On Friday the children used different ingredients to erupt the volcano. We had fun exploring the ingredients including smelling vinegar (which was not popular!) and then went outside to watch the eruption. In the words of one child "this is the best day ever!" which I think sums the day up quite nicely.


The children were treated to a workshop this week on Maths from a company which is offering a club to our children. A leaflet went home earlier in the week. They played lots of maths games including bingo and heads and tails. In other maths sessions we have been using 5 frames to explore numbers and grouping numbers together without counting. This is called subitising and will be something we will be exploring more of over the next few weeks.


For the rest of the time (yes there is more we managed to squeeze in) we have been practising our Christmas Nativity. The children are brilliant and we cannot wait to share it with you. Please practise your child's line with them and if you can have the costume in for Monday that would be greatly appreciated.


Over the weekend

  • Practise tricky words and sounds on the tags. Can your child read and make these words from their sound tag: van, jam and run.
  • Lots of children wanted to record the science experiment we did today with the volcano and as we did it in the afternoon there wasn't much time. Some children may want to do this over the weekend however this is not expected.


Have a lovely weekend

Miss Leach & Mrs Forty