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Week 12: 25th November 2019

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for the lack of photos recently! For some reason I just keep forgetting to take any but I will try my hardest to remember again for next week!


Our Maths learning has been looking at money this week. We have been recapping recognition and description of coins and playing lots of bingo, snap and describing games with the coins. We are looking at making amounts using different coins now and then moving on to problem solving using addition and subtraction with money and amounts next week. We spoke about finding some coins around the house at the weekend and exploring them to keep our learning fresh in our minds for next week.


We had another go at our 2 times table again too. We have remembered all our previous learning around the methods we can use to get to the answers and we are definitely getting quicker. Some of us are even managing to remember a couple of them without having to work them out. This is because we can visualise the groups/lots of 2 in our head. We will continue with the two times table next and then wait until after the Christmas break before we start our five times table. The next couple of weeks are going to be pretty hectic with rehearsals, productions, Elf Runs, pantos and all the other fun that comes with Christmas in a primary school!


We used our learning of London landmarks to make some lovely art work this week. We made caligrams of the word 'London' using buildings and sights as each letter. The end result looked fantastic - we are very creative in this class!


We've also been making lots of lovely snowy/winter pictures for our hall display and paper snowmen chains too. 


Our Christmas production rehearsals are coming along nicely - it really is going to be a fantastic show! Our singing is amazing and our acting skills are really starting to shine through. Thank you to all of you who have sent your child's costume in to school this week. If you haven't done so this week, please please make sure they come in to school on Monday. We are having our dress rehearsals next week! Thank you!


Have a lovely weekend! Hopefully drier than the last few...