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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 12 - 10.07.17

This week started with an exciting brass workshop which allowed children to try out a range of brass instruments and listen to the different sounds they make. It might have inspired some of our class to take up the trumpet – you have been warned!


Tuesday was a very special occasion which we had been working towards – B2’s leavers’ assembly. Having practised tirelessly, the children did such an incredible job of showcasing their learning and provided excellent entertainment through their Lion King dance! It was lovely to see how they have grown in confidence over the year and were able to project their voice to address an emotional group of parents, reflecting on just how quickly the years have gone by. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend! The graduation gowns and hats were a big hit with the children and they very much enjoyed receiving their certificates and posing for pictures in front of very proud parents. They have worked really hard this year and have achieved so much that it was an excellent opportunity to celebrate this together with parents and carers.


We have been working this week on the history of communication. We had started looking at hieroglyphics as one of the first writing systems before moving on this week to find out about the first printing press and how it changed the lives of so many people. It was great to make links between the printing press and the affordability of books, allowing poorer people to access information and receive a better education. Moving along our timeline, we then found out about the invention of the telegraph, discovering how to use Morse code to send messages along electrical wires. B2 enjoyed setting me the challenge of decoding messages written in Morse! We then moved on to the invention of the telephone and we imagined what it must have been like to experience using a telephone for the very first time. We wrote a diary entry to capture the feelings of someone being able to hear someone’s voice over a telephone line, after having been connected through an operator. To understand how sound could travel, we experimented with cups and string, investigating whether a longer string would change the quality of the sound, whether a plastic cup would be better than a polystyrene cup and whether you could hear someone else when crossing telephone lines. B2 really enjoyed this hands-on experience of sound travelling and showed their fantastic scientific thinking in experimenting with their ‘telephone’. This is a topic which the children are finding fascinating and we are working towards creating a timeline of inventions showing the evolution of communication through time.


In Art, we have been creating our own portrait-landscapes on a much larger scale using paint. We thought about the features of Henri Rousseau’s paintings: over-sized flowers, lush green plants in the background, clear outlines and animals in the foreground. This allowed us to use some of these features when creating our own piece of art in a landscape of our choosing. It has given us an opportunity to think about sketching first, perspective, painting over colours and generally understanding the difficult of creating a portrait-landscape on such a large scale. It was great to see B2 really using their imagination to bring a scene to life so well done!


We have been busy preparing invitations to our Thank You assembly next week on Tuesday 18h July. B2 really wanted to thank all the governors, parent helpers, lunchtime supervisors and PSA for all their hard work in school that has benefited us all throughout the year. We look forward to our special assembly to recognise people’s hard work, which one pupil described as sometimes being ‘behind the scenes’.


Our penultimate week has been a very exciting one, seeing Year 2 going up to Bushey Manor on Thursday to spend a morning being Year 3 pupils. Mrs Lowden and Mrs Rattue were so impressed with their hard work that the entire class received 2 achievement points for having been so well behaved! It was clear to see that B2 were indeed ready for the transition and sufficiently sensible to make the best first impression possible. Well done B2!


We also enjoyed yet another trip to Bushey Manor on Friday to see the Year 6 production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. It was fantastic and the children were really excited to once again be able to experience being in their new setting!