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Week 11: 27th Nov 2017

‘I’m a Stick Man, I’m a Stick Man, I’m a Stick Man and I want to get back to the Family Tree.’

After the successful cinema evening last week the children were inspired by the story and this has led a lot of our learning this week.


In Literacy the children have been creating story maps to retell the story as well as thinking of their own adventures. London was a popular destination for Stick Man as well as travelling by train to return to the Family Tree.


In Maths the children have been learning about measurements. They have been measuring sticks and comparing their lengths. The children then used the sticks to measure themselves. They practised estimating how many sticks long they would be when they were lying down. We also talked about the sticks all being different lengths and how that impacts the number of stick long they were.


The children have been very creative this week making their own Stick Man to retell the story in our small world area. They learnt about different joining techniques in order to secure arms for their Stick Man. The children also experienced drawing with charcoal. During carpet time we shared where we thought charcoal came from before finding out facts about charcoal. The children also used sticks and paint to write with. Many found this tricky but persevered and many chose to write their name.


Thank you for a very successful ‘At Home’ session. The children really enjoyed showing their parents and carers their classroom and they were particularly excited about showing their ‘Physi-Gym’ wake up session. We hope you enjoyed being shown round the classroom by your child and experiencing their daily Phonic session.


Congratulations to...


Star of the Day

Monday: Connor and Reggie

Tuesday: Diana





Golden Book



Well done for another fantastic week Badgers.


Miss Leach and Mrs Forty