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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 11 21.11.16

This week in Literacy, we having been learning about reports; understanding what a report is and identifying key features e.g. photos, titles, information etc.  We used a range of sources, including texts and videos to learn about holidays from the past.  We enjoyed learning about different clothes, modes of transport and activities from the Victorian era, comparing to our holidays today.  We wrote reports comparing holidays from the past to the present using photos and titles and we then used a computing programme on Purple Mash to type up and edit our reports.


During Maths this week, we have been learning about measuring using a range of non-standard units e.g. cubes and string and standard units e.g. rulers and metre sticks.  We began the week by measuring the length, height and width of different objects, calculating which objects were the longest and shortest and explaining why.  We then moved onto ordering objects by measuring them and solving problems involving adding, doubling and halving the lengths and heights of different items.  Some tricky challenges this week but the children were great learners, trying their hardest, determined not to give up!


In Phonics, we have been comparing graphemes that make the same sound but are spelt different ways: oa (goat) and o_e (home), oo (food) and u_e (rude).  We also, learnt how to use the s plural and what effect it has on a word and to read and use compound words; when two separate words make one new word e.g. lunch and box come together to make the new word lunchbox. 


We were very lucky on Friday, to have a visit from Detective Noble.  We began the day with a special assembly, where we were showed lots of different types of Police hats and equipment that the Police use.  We were also showed the different dogs that the Police train and use within the force because of their amazing skills including their sense of smell.  Then Detective Noble visited each class, explaining more information about what the Police do, we were allowed to try on different hats and equipment.  We had such a fabulous time, we didn’t want him to leave!


Another great week of learning B1, Mrs Harris and I are very proud of you! J