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Week 11 - 21.11.16

In literacy this week the children have created a friend for the beast! We made them using air dough. We then used these characters as a basis for our literacy for the rest of the week. We wrote letters to the mayor of the city and then made a plan of how the friend was going to reach the beast - what adventures and challenges would they meet along the way? We ended the week creating a story from our plans and concluded with a book review.


In Maths we have revisited partitioning. We played with two digit numbers. Building them with Diennes and Base 10. We then looked at different ways of partitioning them. The children already knew for example that you could partition 27 as 20 + 7, but we then did this a different way: 10 + 17. This is something that you could talk about with your children. We played lots of games this week. One example of this was an ‘exchanging up’ game. The children had to roll a 9 sided dice and collect that number of counters. Every time the children collected 10 ones they could exchange it for 1 tens counter. The winner was the child who had made the biggest number.


In topic we have been focussing on art. We looked closely at three paintings which are linked to our topic of celebration. The Country Wedding (1820), by John Krimmel , The Wedding of Tsar Nicholas II and Princess Alix (1894), by Laurits Tuxen and The Wedding March (1909), by Edward Blair Leighton. We looked at similarities and differences between the three and then had a go re-creating them. Each child had one small square taken from each painting to recreate. Once they are complete we aim to put the pieces that the children have made together like a jigsaw – I am looking forward to the end result!


In science we continued to talk about growth and survival but focused on what we need to eat in order to stay healthy. We talked about the different food groups and how these foods benefit our bodies e.g. giving us energy and keeping our teeth and bones strong. The children then had to plan a healthy breakfast to set them up for the day, giving their reasons for their choices.


To finish the week off we had a visit from James Noble who is an inspector in The Metropolitan Police. The children were fascinated and asked many questions. Some children tried on a range of different hats that are worn across the police, including a riot helmet!


Thank you B2,

Have a lovely weekend.