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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 11 20.3.17

O2 have had a very exciting week!


In literacy, we have focused on command sentences and instruction writing. We began by recapping on the purpose of command sentences and created posters showing ways to follow the school rules. We underlined the bossy verbs in each command sentence and enjoyed sharing our posters with our friends. On Tuesday, we made our own glow jars! We used glue, water and glow sticks to create glow- in- the- dark lights and were able to follow instructions to complete the task in the correct order. We then used this experience to write a set of instructions of how to make a glow jar, using time openers, command sentences and numbers correctly. Afterwards, we read our instructions to a friend and edited our own work by checking that we had included all of these features as well as checking our spellings and punctuation. Finally, we compared different types of sentences and enjoyed playing a game where we had to think of our own examples of each.


Our maths learning this week has focused on fractions. We began by solving problems involving halves and quarters and used counters to share different numbers into groups. We discussed the meaning of each fraction and used our speaking frame to explain our answers. We then thought about how we could use this knowledge to help us find thirds of a variety of numbers before practising using counting objects and showing our working in our books. We then solved problems involving halves, quarters and thirds by colouring shapes to show each fraction.


In science this week, we continued to look at plants and growing. We thought in greater depth about seeds and completed an investigation into the amount of seeds different fruits have. We estimated the number of seeds in each type of fruit before cutting and counting accurately. We then used this to ask our own questions about how seeds are dispersed and grown.


Also this week, we practised our fine motor skills by making our own optical illusions. We designed magic spinners and used elastic bands to create a variety of optical illusions.


Finally, we enjoyed taking part in preparations for Mother’s Day. We made Mother’s Day cards in the shape of tulips and were very excited on Thursday to choose special presents for our Mum’s in the secret room! We also had the excitement of Red Nose Day on Friday and impressed our teachers with how we could pass a balloon around the school without using our hands!


All week we have been practising extremely hard ready for our gymnastics competition and for the Spring Assembly. We are thoroughly looking forward to both and we look forward to sharing these with you next week!