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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 11 20.03.17

We started the week off by thinking of all the things we get told to do whether it is at home or at school: wake up, brush your teeth, put your hand up, line up... We identified these as command sentences and we practised using these to write all the rules we need to respect in school. We then applied our knowledge of command sentences to explain to each other how to make... a glow jar! As we had been working on our text The Dark about a little boy who was afraid of the dark, we decided to write a set of instructions to explain to him how to make a glow jar step by step. As writers, we thought about the need to edit our work and spent a session going round to different stations editing our work for specific aspects of good writing: punctuation, time conjunctions, adjectives, missing words and last but not least, spelling! This helped us improve our instructions no end so well done B2 for becoming writers and editors!


Fractions hold no secrets for us in B2. We have mastered halves, quarters, thirds and some of us have even mastered 3/4 and 2/3! We found that using our fraction mats really helped us this week to find fractions of amounts and we applied this knowledge to find fractions of shapes to help Tigger, Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet negotiate the colours of a picnic tablecloth. Ask your child to show you how we've been working out halves and quarters so they can share their strategies with you!


On Wednesday, Miss Hurt helped B2 make Mother's Day cards using ICT. It was great to see the children practising their typing and mouse control to help them write some meaningful messages for their mothers. They also created paintings to help them mark the occasions so I hope you all enjoy your treats! I know many of the children chose their Secrets' Room presents very carefully and were very proud of their purchases to celebrate this special occasion.


In Science this week, we continued our work on plants but this time, looking at the fruits they produce. We looked at how fruit contain seeds which allow for the plants to then grow again elsewhere. We found out that air, water, poo (!) and even explosion help to disperse the seeds to allow for plants to be found in lots of different places. We then dissecting a range of different fruit, predicting the number of seeds first then counting them carefully. It was interesting to see how some fruit had seeds on the outside, how some had more than 100 and some had none at all. We wondered how fruit with no seeds (Miss Mackenzie had bought seedless grapes!!) might be able to grow again elsewhere... The room was full of interesting questions as B2 thought like scientists about their experience of different fruit.


Today we celebrated Red Nose Day by dressing up in red and passing round a balloon through every single child in the school without dropping the balloon but importantly, without using any hands!! Very tricky but with some teamwork, we just about managed it. Well done Bushey & Oxhey!