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Week 11: 19th November 2018

Something very exciting happened in Toucan Class this week! After coming back from lunch on Tuesday we found an egg in our classroom! It had been placed in a nest of straw, and we found footprints leading to our classroom door. We shared our ideas on what type of egg it could be and who could have left it here, and we decided that it must be a dinosaur’s egg.


We made signs to remind people to be careful and asked them not to touch the egg in case it would break. We drew pictures of the dinosaur that we thought might be inside the egg, and displayed these near the nest.


On the creative table we explored air dough. We moulded the dough into dinosaurs and dinosaur bones. Later in the week we learned about fossils. We talked about what fossils are and how they have been found. We then made our own dinosaur fossil picture by sticking art straws to black paper. We had to cut the straws into various sizes to make the dinosaur body parts.


Some children in Toucan class were very knowledgeable about dinosaurs. They shared many facts with us. We also read some non-fiction books about dinosaurs to learn some facts about them. We wrote facts about certain dinosaurs and our friends had to guess which dinosaur we had drawn using our ‘Who am I?’ template.


In phonics this week we learned the sounds l, h and sh, which have now been added to the sound tags. We also learned the tricky words no and go, again these have been added to their tricky word tags.


In maths we have continued to work on addition. We have been feeding our dinosaur some treats and recording how much we have given to him. We have done this by drawing pictures of what we have given to him, or by writing number sentences to represent this.


On Friday we assigned roles for our Nativity production. All children will have a letter explaining what they need to bring in for their costume, and some children will also have lines that they need to learn. Please practise these lines with your child. When bringing in items of clothing for your child’s costume, please ensure they are fully labelled.


From next week we will be changing the day on which we change library books. The children will now be going to the library on a Friday afternoon to change their books. Please ensure your child’s library book is in their bookbag every Friday.


Well done on a fantastic week of learning Toucan Class.