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Week 10 and 11:11th and 18th November 2019

So our Christmas production rehearsals are well and truly underway. The children have worked really hard on learning their lines and learning all of the songs and now we are putting it together and working on our acting too! I can tell already that it is going to be wonderful - we can't wait for you to see it all. Don't forget to start sending in those costumes as soon as you have them (in a named carrier bag with a hanger please!) and make sure you speak to me if you have any problems with any of it. The sooner I know, the easier it is for us to sort something out. Thank you!


Our Maths learning has been looking at the methods behind times tables. We have been thinking about the 'x' symbol as 'lots of' or 'groups of' and we have practised using concrete resources and pictorial methods to work out the answers, mainly looking at 2s and 5s. The more the children can visualise the method behind multiplication, the easier it is for them to start working it out in their head.


We had our first times table test this week, all working on 2 times table and the children did really well. They are allowed to use their whiteboards to draw out the groups of 2 or they can use counters and they were all able to do this independently and successfully. We are not expecting them to know the answers off by heart, however as they become more confident with these methods and the repetition of the times tables, your child may start to do this naturally anyway. This is great and although we are 'testing' their tables VERY informally this year, it will give them a great foundation for their future Maths learning as they move up through the school. As the letter explained, we will continue focusing on the two times table for another couple of weeks before moving on to the five times table. We will keep revisiting them throughout the year to ensure not only the answers but the children's methods and understanding is solid as well. 


We are starting to round off our learning around London now and as you will have seen from last week's photos, we recreated the Great Fire of London in the playground. We had help from some real life firefighters who made sure we were safe as we set fire to the houses we had made in our DT project previously. It was very exciting watching them all burn and was a fun way to finish off that learning. We then went on to write comparisons about Tudor houses and modern day houses. I think we all learnt alot from the events of that fire as our houses are much safer (and my hygienic!) that they used to be!!


Now we have been looking at London landmarks such as Tower Bridge, The London Eye, The Gherkin and The London Underground. We researched and recorded interesting facts about these landmarks and more and then we made our own fact posters to show our new learning. 


We have been looking at religious symbols in RE this week, learning the names of them, why they are special and which religion they are linked to. We all definitely learnt about some that we didn't realise were so meaningful.


Mrs Charles has been carrying on teaching us some new Gymnastics moves. This week she was especially impressed but how good we are at forward rolls and she is helping us put a sequence of moves together.