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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 10 - 26.06.17

We started off the week with a visit to Bushey Manor as part of our transition work. The children enjoyed a guided tour of the building and asked some excellent questions about the practical aspects of next year. They were a credit to Bushey and Oxhey and showed that they were indeed ready for this next part of the journey!


This week, we have explored our theme of water linked to Africa. We watched a video to explain what the water crisis was and how it affected people throughout the world but particularly in certain regions of Africa. We were shocked to learn that some people have to walk an average of 3 hours to collect water and that this isn't even clean water. We discussed how this affected people's health but also their education, as children were not able to go to school. Faced with this problem, B2 designed a solution to help resolve the water crisis. Many interesting machines were designed to provide water to village and we had some exciting suggestions to use filters to clean the water and extract dangerous micro-organisms which could then be studied by scientists. Having completed one design, we talked it through with a partner who gave us feedback to then edit and improve our design. Inspired by many fantastic solutions, we then made a water pump using the principle of Archimedes screw. We used plastic bottles recycled from Sports Day and plastic tubing to create a water pump, which when rotated worked with gravity to bring water up. Having experimented with our water pump, we wrote instructions using command verbs and explained how it worked. We have some real scientists in B2 who were able to explain how to defy gravity to bring water up!


In Literacy, we used this as a stimulus to write water poems. We analysed different poems, identify features such as alliterations, onomatopoeia, similes and adjectives. We then wrote our own water poem. As a class, we wrote the following:


Drip drop drip drop

I go down with a plop

I'm in a fish tank, I'm in the loo

I really am and there's nothing you can do.


Drip drop drip drop

I never really stop

Everyone can swim and play

With me every sunny day.


Drip drop drip drop

You'll never stop to mop

I am cold, I am cool

And now I'm in a pool!


Splash splash

I'm in a rush, I have to dash

I can hit rocks with a crash

I'm the spirit of life!

Splash splash


What a fantastic effort from all the children in B2!


In Maths this week, we have been focusing on time. We have secured our understanding of o'clock, half past and have made sure we feel even more confident using quarter past and quarter to. Some of us have moved on to working out the time to the nearest five minutes and even to the nearest minute! We used the computers to play time games as that really helped us manipulate the hands on the clocks. Ask your child to read the time with you this weekend to keep reminding them of just how important this skill is!


We have started a new Art topic based around Henri Rousseau's work. The children found out all about him as an artist and were surprised to see he had not travelled out of France and only became an artist quite late in his life! There is a chance for us all then! We discovered his genre of portrait-landscape and drew our own landscape, focusing on drawing the lines for perspective first before drawing the detail in. We then drew our own portrait focusing on proportion first to ensure our portrait was as accurate as possible. Finally, we added our portrait to our landscape to create our very own portrait-landscape. There are some fantastic examples which we will be putting on display.


We also were lucky enough to enjoy a trip this week to the Singing Festival at the School of Music. It was a fantastic opportunity to sing the songs we had learnt with Miss Caperon and to join in with some impressive canons singing with other schools from the area. The sound that came from all the schools was lovely and it was a really excellent music trip for everyone. We are now looking forward to going to a concert at the Purcell School of Music next Monday!