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Week 10: 20th Nov 2017

Oh no! The Golden Book has gone missing from Mrs Cooper's Office.


Detective Badgers to the rescue!


This week Mrs Cooper chose Reception to help her to solve the mystery of the missing Golden Book. She wrote us a letter and delivered it to the classrooms and the children were ready and excited to help. First we made posters to put around the school asking if anyone had seen it. The children worked hard to sound out key words and write down the sounds they could hear. By lunch time the school was decorated with posters and the whole school knew the Golden Book was missing. In the afternoon the children chose to make masks so they could go out and find the person who had taken the book. The next day Mrs Cooper found a fingerprint in her office and the children learnt all about their own unique fingerprint. We collected all the fingerprints of children and adults in Reception. In the afternoon we used different units of measurements to measure a mystery footprint which had been found in the office. The children drew round all their feet to measure the length and began to compare the lengths. Finally on Friday Mrs Cooper announced that the Golden Book had been found. It had been found by the head gardener in Buckingham palace and we even got sent a picture of the Queen holding the book. She is very proud of all the achievements of the children at Bushey and Oxhey Infant School. The children have been very engaged this week and really enjoyed being detectives. They have learnt and practised so many skills within such a short space of time and we are very proud of their learning.


Also this week the children have been practising their Nativity. They have learnt all the songs and are beginning to put it together with their words. If your child has a line to learn in the Nativity please practise it with them everyday. This will really help us add in the acting parts next week.


Wednesday was a very exciting day with the children having a movie night after school. The classroom was filled with all different sizes and types of teddy bear and the children couldn’t wait for their cinema experience. The children loved the story of Stick Man and this will become our focus next week. If you are going on any walks over the weekend and could collect any small sticks they would really support the children’s learning next week.


Important Dates


  • Apologies for my absence last week and the cancelling of Parents Evening. This has now been postponed until the 4th and 5th December and a letter detailing booking appointments will be with you soon. Any immediate concerns please do not hesitate to talk to me after school next week.

  • Wednesday 29th November – Badger class will be hosting an ‘At Home’ session rather than a ‘Learning Assembly’. We feel that this would showcase the children’s learning much better at this point of the year. The ‘At Home’ session is a time for you to come in and join in with the first 30-45minutes of the children’s school day. We will have a focus teaching session for you to join in with and then the children can show you the beginning of their Active Learning.

Congratulations to…

Star of the Day


Tuesday: Nicholas



Friday: Ruben and Lily


Golden Book




Miss Leach and Mrs Forty