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Week 10: 1st July 2019

We are off on our first whole day school trip. This week was all about Bekonscot Model Village. 

We started the week with looking at different types of vehicles. The children made a list of different types of vehicles and then designed their own vehicle with some very creative options.  


Tuesday was the big day! It is always a little stressful before a trip making sure that everything is ready and all children (and adults!) have a lunch. However, the children helped make the day easy. They were so well behaved and it was a pleasure taking them on the trip. From saying hello and thank you to the coach driver without prompting to being considerate to the other guests at the park. They had a great day looking closely at the models, riding the village train and playing on the playground. Even after much prompting, looking at photos and videos their favourite part was still lunch time! Give the children a packed lunch and they are pretty happy! When they came back they did some fantastic writing in their special Year 1 books. They are really rising to the occasion and they all had a go at writing a recount of the day, using words such as then and trying to write multiple sentences. 


On Wednesday I had my new children from Oxhey Early Years visit so we took the opportunity of Year 1 being on their trip and spent the morning there. I settled them in the classroom and we looked at all the things that are the same about the classroom. We then tried to do an activity all at the same time which will be one of the differences they will experience next year. The children will probably come home with some questions about Year 1 with some being worried about moving on. Please provide opportunities for them to share these worries and questions as hopefully it will make the transition easier for them. We all get nervous about changes and it is important that the children feel that it is okay and normal to feel this way. We are trying to focus on the things that will be the same (as most things will be). For the first term or so Active Learning will still play a part in their day, so pelase reassure your children. 


I have noticed this week that the children are finding it hard remembering their fantastic sentences. I have taught them the game Kim's Game which is all about memory. Research shows that children of 4,5 & 6 can remember 6 things (out of about 10). Therefore the challenge this week is to play Kim's Game and see how many objects your child (siblings and family members are encouraged to play) can remember quickly. My results was 8 objects recalled straight away. Let me know on Monday how you all did!



Pick 10 different objects 

Look at them and remember as many as you can

Cover them over

Recall as many as you can



Cover over the 10 objects and remove one (or two) from under the cover

Can your child work out which one is missing


Important Dates

6th July - Summer Fair at Bushey Manor (see some of you there)

8th July - Reports sent home

10th July - informal chats with teacher about the reports (if needed) 

11th July - move up day for children


Have a lovely weekend!  

Miss Leach