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Week 10: 18th March 2019

This week we started looking at a favourite topic of young children - People Who Help Us!


We had a look at all the different type of people who help us and the children came up with lots of people who help us. I think we will both be please that parents and teachers both made it on the list. Phew!


We focused mainly on firefighters this week in preparation for our trip on Thursday. The children thought about the jobs firefighters do and found out they don't just put out fires. We researched a story about firefighters absailing down to save a badger caught in a well. The children then thought about some questions they wanted to ask the firefighters and tey used the sentence starters - Who? What? Where? Why? When? How? Do?They came up with some fantastic questions all of which we hoped would be answered during our trip. 


On the day of the trip he children were very excited (maybe because they were having a packed lunch.) We spent the day with Mr Chatfield who looked after us all morning. He taught us a little about his job and how the children can keep safe - they learnt that they could call 999 and then had a few scenarios where they had to think whether they should call 999 or not. This may be a follow up conversation for at home. As we know from the news children can be lifesavers and it's important they know how to call 999 and in what situations it's appropriate. We had a look at the uniform and how firefighters keep safe. Miss Tarrant tried the uniform on. The firefighters tried to recruit her but luckily she has chosen to remain as a teacher. 


The children then had a tour round the station, including where the firefighters sleep, eat and rest while on duty. They found out the fire station is always open including Christmas Day which shocked some of the children. We then had a look at the fire engine and all the different equipment that they carry. Some children asked their questions and had them answers. The children got to sit inside and wow weren't they high up. During this time Mr Chatfield sneakily took Mrs Forty as well as Squawky and Topsy the dinosaur. All of the children went outside and Mrs Forty was in the tall ladder cage. They took their tallest ladder all the way up. The children loved watching this but then something appeared from the top. It was Squawky and Topsy. They fell from the top of the ladder. Luckily they had parachutes on and safely arrived at the ground. The morning was finished off with the spraying of the fire hose. The children had a fabulous day!!


On our return we had the popular packed lunch - thanks to Jo the Cook for organising. 


Our focus writing this week was a recount of the day. The children were very enthusiastic and I have been showing off their amazing writing to all the other teachers. Very proud teacher moment. 


In Maths we have been looking at sharing based around the story 'The Doorbell Rang'. The children have been hosting parties all week and sharing out the cookies for the guests. 


Have a fabulous weekend 

Miss Leach