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Week 10: 16th March 2020

Well what an unusual week this has been! I hope that any of our poorly Jellyfish are feeling better and those that chose to stay at home have managed to keep themselves occupied. We’ve had a bit of a different week in school but tried to keep it as normal as possible for as long as we could. Until the trip was cancelled anyway…


But we had a great ‘Funday’ starting with an art competition. We had to use one paper plate and turn it in to any animal we wanted. Some of us worked on our own and some worked in pairs. There were some very creative creations by the end of it. Then we took a trip to Oxhey Park for some fresh air and exercise, followed by a picnic lunch in the hall and then a DVD afternoon watching ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’. With popcorn of course! It was lovely to have a day together with no ‘learning’ because although we make school as fun as possible day to day, we all know how it feels to sometimes just need some downtime from normal routines. Especially with everything going on at the moment, we felt it was important to keep this day as fun as possible and keep the mood up. The adults needed it as much as the children I think!


The class page will be updated at least once a week with an idea and suggestions of a timetable for different activities that the children can complete each week, with resources too. Please check each Monday as new things will be uploaded.


Thank you for all your support over the last few months. I have loved teaching every single Jellyfish! And I feel like I have been short changed not getting a whole school year with your lovely little ones!! I really, really hope this is not the end of our time together as I class and that I get to have them all back together, even just for a few weeks, before they head off to the Juniors.

So, if I don’t get the chance to see some of you over the next few weeks (I will be in school for those children who are coming in) I am not saying goodbye, but just thank you, see you soon, stay safe and look after each other.


Miss Stevens


PS – this website is being very slow tonight so if I cannot upload this week’s photos before I leave then I will try again on Monday!