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Week 10 14.11.16

O2 have had an excellent week of learning.


In literacy this week, we have continued to look at the story ‘The Lonely Beast’. We began the week by using the sea creatures that the beast visits in the story to create lots of words to describe the different ways they would move. We then use these words to write longer sentences, and then joined all our ideas together to create group poems describing the movement of a jellyfish. Look at our gallery to see an example!


Also in literacy this week, we thought about the type of adverts the beast would have written or used to find some new friends. We became news reporters for the week and wrote our own questions for an interview with the beast, before writing up our own newspaper article to help the beast find some friends. We thoroughly enjoyed being journalists and even became editors of our newspapers to decide on the layout of our front pages.


In maths this week, we have been looking at the relationship between addition and subtraction. First, we practised our addition by solving a selection of problems and explain why addition can be done in any order. Next, we followed the patterns to find the inverse number sentence for each addition problem and were able to explain how we knew they were related. Finally, we solved missing numbers problems using our knowledge of inverse to check our answers.


Our science learning this week focused on what humans need to survive. We talked about the importance of exercise and took part in our own investigation. We measured our pulse before exercise and then went to the hall to play some action-packed games before measuring our pulse again. We then compared our findings and were excited to discover that many of our pulse rates had increased dramatically!  


Finally this week, we looked at the symbols used to represent different religions. We enjoyed sharing our knowledge of what each symbol meant before making our own clay examples of each.


Well done on a fantastic and exciting week O2!