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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 10 13.3.17

O2 have had a very busy week!


In literacy, we have continued to look the story of ‘The Dark’. We began the week by thinking about the sequence of the story and we ordered pictures showing the beginning, middle and end. We then used these pictures and the words form the story to annotate our story maps. We included different sentence openers, adjectives and dialogue and then used our completed maps to retell the story to our friends. After that, we started to think about the dark as a character in the story, and how he might feel. We wrote descriptions of how the dark would feel at different points in the story and gave reason for our choices. Finally, we wrote the story from the perspective of the dark; ensuring we had a clear beginning, middle and end and using as many different sentence openers as we could!


In maths this week, we have been focusing on fractions. We began the week by understanding the meaning of a half and a quarter and used this to find halves, quarters and two quarters of different shapes. We then solved a problem where Jasmine and Aladdin needed to find a way to use both of their favourite colours on their magic carpet. We found a variety of ways to show half and were able to explain how we knew. Later in the week, we began to look at how to find fractions of amounts, by sharing counters into groups to find halves and quarters of each whole number.


O2 have taken part in some very exciting science learning this week! As part of a competition, we were asked to make a flower by only using 4 sheets of paper and scissors. We weren’t allowed to use glue, paper clips or any form of adhesive and we had to use our imaginations to find different ways of completing the challenge. We enjoyed thinking about how we could fold and cut the materials and were pleased with the finished results. On Friday, we continued to look at how plants grow and investigated how bulbs were able to grow over the year. We also filled in our seed diaries and were excited to watch our sunflowers start to grow!


On Thursday we took part in our inter school gymnastics competition. Mrs Charles, Mrs Bedwell and Mrs Cooper judged the competition and were extremely impressed with all the skills we displayed. They made a final decision and were very proud of the winners- well done to Evie, Ani, Abi, Daisy, Toby L and Martha!


Well done O2 on a busy and exciting week!