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Week 10: 12th March 2018

This week has been....

Science Week


Badger class have become scientists. They have been involved in a week full of science activities and learning. They have been inspired by all the different activities. This is what has happened during our busy week.



Cosmic Caz from Sublime started off our Science Week with workshops full of science learning. The children saw demonstrations of sound vibrations, gravity and wind. Their favourite part was making their own slime  from troll boogies to take home.

In the afternoon we tried to answer the question 'The longer your index finger the further you can flick a ball of paper' True or False? After learning about the importance of being a fair test we found out that it is false. Maybe you could do this investigation at home and see what your results are.



Badger class had been paired up with Bushey Manor's M3. On Tuesday M3 spent the morning in Badger Class and we explored bubbles. The children had to help a bubble company 'POP' in America make a new bubble wand for their show. The children used a range of resources to make their bubble wands. Here are some of the questions and predictions


I think the plate is best because it has a bigger surface and will then make bigger bubbles


I think you can make a cube shaped bubble


I think the hanger will be good because it will help keep the bubble shape


The paper will be rubbish because paper can rip easily.


The children then explored their questions and predictions to see if they were right or not. It was fantastic having M3 down at Bushey and Oxhey and they worked so well with Badger class. We were excited to visit them later in the week.



On Wednesday we began to build our Volcano for the end of Science Week. The children used paper-mâché to make a strong base for our Volcano. The children also learnt lots of facts about Volcanos with Mrs Forty. The children also explored magnets and looked around the classroom for what was magnetic and what wasn't. The children began to predict whether something was magnetic and say why.



It was our day to visit M3. We walked up to Bushey Manor to spend the morning with our new friends. Miss Williams taught us about camouflage and we were tested with some very tricky pictures. We then were paired up with a Year 3 buddy and went on a scavenger hunt outside to find 20 camouflaged objects. It was a lot of fun and the children worked really well with their buddy. After playtime in the 'big school' playground we coloured our own camouflage pictures. We could see our animals disappearing into the background. In the afternoon, we decorated and cut out waterlillies and watched what happened when we put them in water. There was a feeling of awe and wonder from the children as they observed. The children then experimented with what happened when the lilies had more or less leaves.



Sadly, Science Week had to come to an end. However, Receptions finale was the Volcano and watching it erupt. The children all gathered in the playground and watched as 'lava' poured out of their very own volcano. The afternoon, was our showcase. The children became the teachers and were excited to share all their science learning with their parents/carers. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend.


What a busy week but wonderful week!!

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Leach and Mrs Forty